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simpleology BrowserBodyguard 1.2

It is actually a toolbar for your Internet Explorer browser
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Simpleology Browser Bodyguard is actually a toolbar for your Internet Explorer browser. And it is not an antivirus or anti-spyware to guard your browser. It is a shortcuts toolbar for the online Web Cockpit program from Simpleology for quick access its features. Presently Simpleology Browser Bodyguard only supports Internet Explorer and so when you install this toolbar software you will see an animated toolbar at the bottom of Internet Explorer. But if you want to close this toolbar you can easily close this by clicking on the X button at the left side. On this Simpleology toolbar you will find a Simpleology Options button at the left side, on clicking on this icon an options panel will appear where you can add the URLs of your Time Wasters. Time Wasters are those sites which are distracting you from your main target or work. So any website which is added to your Time Wasters list will not be accessible anymore until it is in your Time Wasters list. So it means Simpleology Browser Bodyguard is actually guard you form distracting you from your main business. This toolbar also have some more icons like Daily target Praxis, Mental Lock Box, Daily Targets and Add item to DC etc. which are just shortcuts for quick accessing the Web Cockpit of Simpleology.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Easy to use
  • Facility to quickly access Web cockpit features


  • Supports only Internet Explorer browser
  • Login process is too slow
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